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Sets of standard machine principle
作者:Sets of standard machine principle 时间:2015-05-12

Set standard principle:
When the bottle after bottle detection electric conveyor belt, driving servo control group will automatically send a label, and brush cutting wheel group will brush a label, the label will be set into the bottle. If the position detection eye position is not correct, it can not be smoothly set into the bottle label.
The mechanism of function:
1 cutter group:
The eccentric linkage mechanism, driven by a stepping motor, in the absence of a bottle of induction without rotation, and increasing the service life and safety at the same time, it adopts the ordinary cutter cutting blades can be easily replaced, and the economy.
2 machine group:
The whole machine is made of stainless steel, used to support the host and fixed conveyor belt.
3 shrinkage furnace:
The use of electric heating or steam heating will be set into the bottle label affixed to bottles of uniform shrinkage.
4 drive group:
The double drive feeding mechanism, it is an indispensable component of the fixed center column, both bottles bigger or smaller, simply rotating the handwheel can change the required size, the transmission function is completed by a gear group.
5 bottle screw:
To set the bottle into a bottle to do equidistant separate groups.
6 bottle group:
On the both sides of the synchronous transmission, level and bottle clamping positioning only a handwheel adjustment, to make the bottle conveying not shaking and the control sleeve label height.
7 color warning lamp:
The normal operation for the green to yellow warning lights, flashing lights, flashing red light host is not normal.
8 center column:
The label film material set into the open, the film material is transferred and cutting.
9 eye frame group:
The use of optical fiber sensor to transmit signals, provide control system for fixed size delivery, electric eye position can be adjusted in height.
10 brush set:
The band or a rubber band will set into the brush into the bottle label location.
11 brush set:
By using the synchronous adjustment mechanism, the two transmission wheel to adjust the brush group to the center column below the roller to label through slight contact, at high speed will be set into the bottle label.
12 double frame group:
Save the refueling time, discharge by a group of rollers of motor pressure feeding.
13 conveyor belt:
The use of frequency converter to adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, which is suitable for various production speed, this machine with synchronous control will be divided into groups, with a bottle of bottle screw group, the conveyor belt three into a single speed control knob.
14 bottles of electric light:
Monitor the bottle to the appropriate position, the output signal to the host automatically set into the label.
The 15 fed group:
The control label feeding tension feed box and a feeding motor, used to convey label film material.
16 preheating contraction:
For the tag location before entering the furnace to prevent shrinkage, Paowei label.
17 man-machine interface:
As the control center of this machine, the display page is divided into a main table, manual, automatic, setting, monitoring, on the other
Only a few auxiliary knob, to control the operation set of standard operation button.