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    Steam shrink oven

    The new steam shrinkage furnace, according to the different and irregular round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, bottle shape, convenient adjustment, repair, contraction of smooth, uniform distribution and drum made of seamless steel pipe design of low pressure steam ejected mode, the ejection port is divided into three sections, each section height adjustable, the output can be respectively before and after the adjustment, to achieve the most perfect state of contraction effect. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and shell and insulation, not only save energy, and comply with international safety standards, the stainless steel water tray concentrated condensed water. The whole machine adopts the waterproof design, convenient operation and repair.
    Technical parameters
    The input power supply fan
    Φ1 220VAC 1.1KW
    The input power of steam generator
    Working pressure
    Steam consumption
    The size of furnace body
    L2300mm x W400mm x H450mm
    Conveying speed