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    Double drive sleeve machine

    It adopts the imported color touch screen.
    The machine can run at the same speed, there is no leakage phenomenon, the standard inverted bottle.
    Super servo motor configuration, transmission line configuration, electric motor encoder automatic tracking, automatic stepless speed regulation.
    DC-350P/450P features
    This machine is a new advanced heat shrink sleeve machine driving device, four wheel drive, four wheel automatic centering, pressing a device. To achieve smooth, stable, fast delivery target.
    Electrical appliance configuration instructions
    This type of trapping label machine used appliances are imported configuration, using high-speed positioning module, servo motor, servo driver, servo controller, automatic adjustment, humanized operation.
    For the set of standard varieties
    This type of speed in the 350 bottles of -450 bottle / min, applicable to various types of fruit juice bottles, tea drinks, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industry, not only a highly precise position, and the contraction of the more prominent perfect bottle shaped bottle.
    DC-350~450P/min Technical parameters
    Model DC-350P DC-450P
    Input power
    3.0KW 6.0KW
    Input voltage
    ∮3,380/220VAC ∮3,380/220VAC
    Production efficiency 350瓶/分(Bottle/min) 450瓶/分(Bottle/min)
    Host size L2200mm x W850mm x H2000mm L2500mm x W850mm x H2000mm
    Suitable bottle diameter Φ28mm-Φ125mm Φ28mm-Φ125mm
    Apply label length
    30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm
    Apply label thickness 0.03mm-0.13mm 0.03mm-0.13mm
    Paper tube diameter 5"-10"Free adjustment
    5"-10"Free adjustment