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    Single drive sleeve machine


    The host machine: the whole machine waterproof cover type stainless steel does not rust; SUS304;
    Adjustable cutter: original cyclotron cut, double sided cutting edge, long service life;
    Single positioning center pillar: label delivery is more stable;
    Synchronous bottle: bottle conveying more stable;
    Label brush group: set of calibration accuracy is more accurate;
    Label control eye frame: the unique combination of tail and electric eye, improve film cutting accuracy;
    Push button control cabinet: a more user-friendly operation;
    Feeding rack: optional rack location.
    Electrical appliance configuration instructions
    It adopts PLC programmable controller, servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter and transducer, also adopts the positioning module to ensure the accurate, fast, stable set.
    For the set of standard varieties
    All kinds of bottle type, such as: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, cup, Qu Xianping etc..




    DC-150~250P/min Technical parameters
    Model DC-150P DC-250P
    Input power 1.5KW 3.0KW
    Input voltage
    ∮3,380/220VAC ∮3,380/220VAC
    Production efficiency 150Bottle / min(Bottle/min) 250Bottle / min(Bottle/min)
    Host size L2100mm x W850mm x H2000mm L2100mm x W850mm x H2000mm
    Suitable bottle diameter
    Φ28mm-Φ125mm Φ28mm-Φ125mm
    Apply label length
    30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm
    Apply label thickness 0.03mm-0.13mm 0.03mm-0.13mm
    Paper tube diameter 5"-10"Free adjustment
    5"-10"Free adjustment