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    Round bottle labeling machine

    The application uses
    But for cosmetic, medicine, health care products, food, chemical and other industries of various types of products all around the circumference of the round bottle stickers, stickers and labeling around the local point.
    The selection of ink jet printer, printer and print production date, batch number, valid information in labeling.
    The same machine can be used for automatic labeling of different diameter, different height of objects.
    Functional characteristics
    The whole control system controlled by PLC, Chinese touch interface, convenient, intuitive.
    The program with memory function, can store 50 sets of parameters. The replacement of the product specifications or with different production capacity, simply call the different parameters can be adjusted again, do not have large,
    To improve production efficiency.
    The conveyor belt, bottle opener, positioning and rotating mechanism with individually adjustable motor drive. Post headers can be adjusted in multiple directions, convenient operation.
    The remaining 200 labels automatically when the alarm, alarm and shutdown with automatic label.
    The label position and the lever can be adjusted according to the size of the paste, the same machine suitable for different products.
    The use of stable and reliable motor control in Japan Mitsubishi inverter, frequency control can be realized. The shot of the electric eye detection object detection, ensure the stable, and is not affected by the surface color, reflecting
    The uneven impact factors, so as to ensure the stable and reliable performance labeling.
    All parts including cabinet, conveyor belt, rod and small screws are all made of stainless steel or aluminum material, never rust, no pollution nuisance, to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.
    The system has manual and automatic parameter setting function, automatic setting function can automatically set the pre bid length to the best, does not need to manually set multiple times, save debugging time.
    Technical parameters
    The type number: DC-100P/LA
    Please be affixed size: 55 x H175 (mm) and H175 (mm) 75 x bottle
    The labeling speed: 60 / min (concrete and be affixed and label size)
    The labeling accuracy: + 1.0mm (not be affixed and the label itself error)
    The size: About 2000mm length * width 1000mm * 1780 mm
    The power supply and power: 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 500W