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    Double labeling machine

    The application uses
    Double side labeling is mainly suitable for all kinds of cosmetic, medicine, food and other industries in the square, flat objects.
    Functional characteristics
    The use of double bottle body, simply adjust (without changing mould) can be applicable for different materials.
    We use elastic double chain correction mechanism, ensure good correction effect.
    We use elastic top pressure belt, the Paste height not at the same time will not be affected.
    We use servo motor imported from Japan, to ensure the high precision and the appearance of the labeling effect.
    I used to shoot the electric eye, object detection and stability.
    The increase of volume bottle mechanism can achieve the function of round bottle paste.
    It can match various printers, inkjet printer, printing production date synchronization function.
    The optional machine vision, to achieve the effect of labeling and label detection function.
    Technical parameters
    The type number: DC-100P/DB
    The material size: 15-120mm thickness, height of 90-300mm
    The labeling speed: 200 bottles per minute (and be affixed and label size)
    The labeling accuracy: + 1.0mm (excluding posted error and the tag itself)
    The label width: 10-150mm
    The conveyor belt height: 840-900mm
    The machine size: length 2400mm width 1500mm and height 1600mm
    The power supply and power: AC220V, 50HZ, 2KW